Photographer, Remi Presttun | Presttun Media

At full payment, you agree to the following terms and conditions of delivery from Presttun Media.

A license from Presttun Media only entitles use to the image.

§ 1. License
The license is personal and can not be transferred to a third party. Purchased license only entitles use rights to use image in social media, own website, own blog or profile, etc. You do not take over the copyrights when purchasing a license.

§ 2. Applications
Images can be used in social media, own website, own blog or profile, etc.

You may not use the images in a pornographic context, or use the pictures in competitions.

§ 3. Change of images
It is not allowed to retouch or manipulate images without permission from Presttun Media.

§ 4. Credit
The photographer's name shall be provided for all public use of the images, cf. Section 44a and §3 of the Copyright Act. In case of non-crediting, the claimant may be liable for damages and will receive a claim of kr. 2500, - for lack of crediting. Unless otherwise agreed with Presttun Media.

§ 5. Payment and delivery
Payment is made through PayPal payment service. Payment by invoice is the 14-day payment deadline.

At full payment, you will automatically receive a download link to the specified e-mail address.

§6 Defaults
In the event of breach of the delivery terms, the license will be canceled and the amount paid will not be refunded. In case of serious breach of the agreement, you may be held liable.

§ 7. Other provisions
The agreement is governed by the Civil Service Act with the district court as a court of law.
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