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My name is Remi Presttun (28 years old) and I was born and raised in Bergen. In 2014, I moved to Eastern Norway, more specifically to Romerike in Akershus.

Started with photo as a hobby in 2005/2006 when I bought my first Sony A100 camera. The hobby eventually evolved to take photo assignments.

The freelance carier started by delivering my first pictures to NRK Hordaland. Furthermore, I continued to photograph news for newspapers - something I have done since 2005 / 2006. As I developed more and gained more knowledge, I began to photograph concerts, motorsport and other events.

Be terrible schooling when I went out of secondary school, so some further education as a photographer never became a thing. Instead, I chose to learn about the photo on my own.

Do you need a "non educated" photographer? I like new and exciting challenge.

I am a member of the Norwegian Journalist team.

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PHOTO: Carina Hylander

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